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2019: at the Montréal en Arts street festival

I had a kiosk in MTL en Arts, a street festival along Sainte-Catherine St. E., stretching from near the Berri-UQAM métro station to Papineau St., two métro stops to the east.

I showed more than 30 works in my 8 x 8 foot tent and sold three, just breaking even on the venture. But I won an honourable mention for my work, giving me access to this juried festival at half the cost as 2019! So I will be back in 2020 with a new set of paintings, fewer but larger and hopefully more cohesive as an exhibition.

The most enjoyable aspect of the festival was conversing with art lovers. I talked to more people about my art than in all the venues I ever showed in I ever showed in.

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